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Sierra Lorenzini

When I work with Dan I feel it’s a very friendly environment and he really has a lot of patience when it comes to teaching. I didn’t know one chord when I first came to him and now I’m playing many songs from beginning to end which is an amazing feeling. He challenges me every session and not only teaches me how to play the guitar but has expanded my knowledge in music. I definitely recommend Dan for a guitar teacher!


Brian Astrove

I started playing guitar one year ago and Dan has helped me to the point today where I am writing songs, singing, and playing guitar on stage. I had no prior musical or performance experience.

There are many guitar teachers in New York, but what really stands out about Dan is that he is truly a teacher. Each time I struggle with something new (chords, vocals, performing on stage), Dan has seen the pattern before and knows how to guide me through it. He listens, builds the right foundation, then knows when to challenge me further. I highly recommend Dan as someone who is fun to play with and gets the results you deserve.

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David Acker

 Having  never played an instrument before, I was apprehensive to take on such a new endeavor. Dan’s approach has made me feel confident that I can achieve my goal to make music. Dan doesn’t only teach you the chords, but his lessons become full music appreciation experiences in whichever genre you’re most interested. Because of Dan, I am have learned the language of guitar and have established a repertoire of meaningful songs with which I have a strong connection.